Open Accounts to Trade in the Forex Market

Forex trading – a popular way to become a member of the intellectual speculation.Opening a forex practice account can be carried out quickly for individuals and legal entities. To make your Forex trading successful, it is important to choose the right account and to know what opportunities it gives.

You can use different types of Forex accounts and various schemes of working with brokerage firms to achieve best results and develop an effective strategy for its own tenders.

Dealing Desk


Dealing Desk – This is an internal platform for conducting trading among brokerage customers. Bidders do not know the market quotations and are trading against your broker, who acts as a market maker. This allows beginners to learn a lot before going to the open market.NDD (No Dealing Desk)

NDD – is trade without brokerage company, an acronym for Non Dealing Desk. Clients are displayed automatically on the open market. Trader itself regulates the opportunity to participate in the trading process broker.The minimum score on Forex to work on this technology is much higher than for a cent, and is typically $ 300. NDD technology is considered promising and is becoming more widely used.

PAMM Forex

Account Management Forex trader can use the one representing the interests of a few investors. This is called PAMM technology. After the conclusion of traders’ transactions, gains or losses are to be divided between the trader and the investors in proportion to their contributions. PAMM – is an abbreviation meaning “percentage distribution management module.” PAMM Forex – a convenient way to participate in trading on the stock exchange, providing a means to manage your experienced trader, using his exhaust the experience of trading strategies.

Islamic Forex Account

A number of customers to open an account Forex general conditions do not allow religious beliefs. For them, there are Islamic accounts.They differ from ordinary trading accounts is the lack of enrollment (write-off) on the following day amount for the transfer of open trading positions. Instead, set a fixed commission, which is collected once a week, which takes place in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. All other conditions for Islamic accounts are the same as for ordinary.

Demo account and real account for trade

If you have never traded on the stock exchange and weakly imagine this process will help you a demo forex account. They enjoyed and experienced traders. It is a kind of rough draft for your future foreign currency transactions. Such a Forex demo account is opened free of charge. Here you can learn the basics of trading, check out the new strategy, to evaluate the work of the broker. Opening the no deposit forex account, you do not risk anything, you will be required only time and the desire to understand the details. After the first acquaintance with the Forex market using the demo account, it makes sense to make a deposit and open a live forex account.Opening an account to a natural person or legal entity.

Terms and Conditions


Live Account Forex allows withdrawal of bank accounts of individuals and legal entities. To open it, you must go through a simple registration process, after which the trader will have access to your online Forex office.To open an account for a legal entity, it is necessary to provide personal information manager account and electronic copies of the following documents:

  • constituent documents;
  • certificate of registration of a legal entity;
  • confirmation of powers of the head of the company;
  • bank card with samples of signatures of authorized persons and stamp;
  • power of attorney to the authorized persons.

All documents must be translated into English with a notarized translation.From individuals when opening an account requires electronic copies of the following documents:

  • Internal passport – two spreads, with personal data and registration stamp.
  • Second identification document – a passport, military ID, driver’s license.About Authoradmin

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